Sheetmetal Quick Facts

  • Fast turnarounds

  • Spiral

  • Coil Line

  • All our fittings are delivered to the job site in cages for quick movement and ease of customer storage.

  • Servicing Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota.


Ducts and Cleats provides customized Duct and Fittings to Commercial HVAC Contractors for the primary purpose of Commercial HVAC Installations. The product line includes both slip and drive, TDF rectangular ducts and fittings, spiral pipes and fittings, snap lock pipes and fittings.

Ducts and Cleats is a member of Local #10 Sheet Metal Union, and holds NSF certification. We build and stock HVAC Sheet Metal Products consisting of Easy Taps, Duct Adapters, Round HVAC Duct Pipe and Elbows and Sheet Metal Fittings. We manufacture to your needs and specs.