pro-R Ductwork Quick Facts

  • Industry leading durability and thermal performance

  • Ideal for outdoors, mechanical rooms, shafts and high traffic areas

  • Lighter weight than traditional insulated ductwork

  • Easy to install thanks to its lightweight design and industry standard connections

  • Labor savings and improved project profits

  • Tough and proven metal exterior

  • High performance KoolDuct interior

  • Can be designed for pressure from +10 to -8

  • High R value selections:  R6, R8.1, R12, R16, R20, R22, R24 and more

  • Various metal and colors options


pro-R changes the way we think about outdoor ductwork. Current outdoor duct solutions are based on insulation such as fiberglass, metal and Armaflex. These systems while being staples in our industry, are plagued by issues related to durability and thermal expansion.  This results in joints leaking, loss of R-value due to moisture and weight. pro-R eliminates these concerns by combining a closed cell foam that is not susceptible to moisture and encasing in a tough and proven metal exterior. This combination gives engineer, contractor and end-user the ultimate solution in durability, lifespan and thermal performance.

pro-R is a strong, pre-assembled, lightweight and high performance solution for all interior and exterior insulated ductwork applications. pro-R duct work greatly reduces air leakage rates, provides superior thermal and moisture barrier performance and cuts down on maintenance related insulation repairs. pro-R’s design greatly reduces installation time and related construction costs due to its weight being much less than conventional duct.

pro-R can be built using a variety of metals.  This provides for design flexibility and a solution that is built for your needs.  Metal choices include Kynar finish embossed aluminum available in 40 colors, galvanized, stainless steel, paint grip and more.